Monday, March 28, 2005

Oil for Food Program - Whose Money Is It?

Do you remember the U.N.'s corrupt Oil for Food Program? Do you think the money, which was intended to benefit the people of Iraq, should be controlled by the same U.N. bureaucracy as before the liberation of Iraq's people? Well, you are in for a surprise, and the U.N.'s spending decisions amaze even me.

The U.N. still controls the money from the Oil for Food Program despite Iraq's request for return of the money. The U.N. apparently told the corrupt administrator of the program that the Oil for Food funds would be used to pay his attorney's fees. Imagine the pure gall! First, the administrator steals from the people of Iraq, and then the U.N. wants to pay his attorney's fees with the remaining money that he did not steal. As GeoPoliticalReview suggests, this is like having the victim's family pay for the murderer's defense attorney.

The U.N. has no reason to keep control of the money. At the very least, none of the money should be spent without the express authorization of the Iraqi government.


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