Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Diversity in Germany

The foreign minister of Germany, Joschka Fischer, is a member of the Green Party. As you can imagine, he is pretty far left. Of course, he believes strongly in diversity. That belief led him to loosen screening requirements in order to allow more immigrants into Germany. The Germans are not too happy with the result. Because the immigrants to Germany may cross the borders within the EU, the EU is not happy either.

Per the Washington Times:
Mr. Fischer, whose Greens party traditionally favors easier immigration and fosters what it calls a "multicultural society," authorized a ruling in 2000 that made it easier for people to obtain tourism visas to travel to Germany.
... The system was rapidly subjected to abuse by criminal gangs.

Who took advantage of the looser visa requirements? Per Deutche Welle:
Women forced into prostitution, drug dealers, workers seeking illegal employment and even suspected terrorists are alleged to have been among those who entered Germany.

We in the U.S. should learn a lesson from the German experience.


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