Monday, April 18, 2005

Iraqi Terrorists Kill Anti-War Activist

Terrorists in Iraq exploded a car bomb in Baghdad. Ironically, one of the victims was Marla Ruzicka, an American anti-war activist.

Ms. Ruzicka originally went to Iraq to protect Iraqi civilians from American bombs. She worried about bombs from the wrong side. As Ms. Ruzicka could tell you if she were alive, the Iraqi terrorists do not take as much care to avoid civilian casualties as the Americans do.

See DANEgerus and LGF for further information. (Some of the comments at LGF are not very appropriate; Quite Right refers its readers there only for the information in the article above the comments.)

As always, we regret the loss of a human life. Regardless of her political beliefs, her death was needless and a tragedy. We can only express sympathy to her family and friends.


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