Thursday, May 19, 2005

Filibuster Exceptions Contained in 26 Laws

Sean Rushton did some research and found that at least 26 laws abolish the filibuster for certain matters. For example:

(1) The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 prohibits the filibuster of a federal budget resolution.

(2) The War Powers Resolution prohinits the filibuster of a resolution authorizing the use of force.

(3) The Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002 prohibits the filibuster of international trade agreements.

(4) the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 prohibits the filibuster of legislation under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982.

Some matters are too important to be blocked by a filibuster. Remember that when you hear the Democrats claiming that the filibuster is untouchable.


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