Friday, May 27, 2005

Iraqi Street Justice for Terrorists

Iraqi citizens have lost patience, not to mention sympathy, with terrorists. See how Iraqis handled 2 terrorists who were captured before they could carry out their mission (from Hammorabi via Gateway Pundit):

Few hours ago the Iraqi civilians in the centre of Baghdad near Haifa Street captured two terrorists before they carry on their crime.

This is not the first time that the Iraqis capture terrorists before the cockroaches commit their filth but this time the people perseverance with postponing justice by the government has finished and they decided to carry out immediate justice.

After capturing the terrorists the brave civilians impose the justice the criminals deserve. They hanged them in the street and made them a lesson and warning for the others.
The Iraqis themselves harbor no illusions and recognize the terrorists for what they are. The Iraqis are fed up. So, when the locals capture terrorists, the Iraqis mete out street justice on the spot.

The Iraqis do not believe that the terrorists are insurgents or freedom fighters. The terrorists are the deadly enemy of the Iraqi people. The people of Iraq know this. As this incident shows, the Iraqi people want to capture the terrorists, to kill them, and to defeat them.

When will Michael Moore and the American radical left recognize this reality?


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