Saturday, June 11, 2005

Kerry Refuses Records Release to Others

After John Kerry signed his form SF-180 to release his military records to the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times, newspapers favorable to Kerry, Kerry's press representative refuses to release the military records to others. (Hat tip to PoliPundit.) As Thomas Lipscomb writes:

Both the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times claim that Kerry will release any papers in their possession to anyone else who applies. But that isn’t what The New York Sun’s Josh Gerstein found when he called Kerry’s able press representative, David Wade. Gerstein reports: “Asked whether the senator would permit release of the records to The New York Sun, Mr. Wade said, ‘The issue is over.’"
Neither the Globe nor the L.A. Times will make available their copies of Kerry's records or of his form SF-180. After Kerry refused to release his records during the presidential campaign, promised on Meet The Press in January to sign the form 180, delayed signing the form 180 for 4 months, and released the records only to the most supportive news outlets, all the questions about Kerry's military service still survive because Kerry and and the 2 newspapers refuse to allow the public to see the form 180 and the records. Kerry's continued dodging on his military records is beginning to make Bill Clinton look like a straight shooter.

Kerry's unbecoming conduct on the release of his military records is amazing! The best anyone can say is that Kerry appears to be a spent force in presidential politics.


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