Saturday, June 11, 2005

Media Sees Gnat but Not Elephant

Power Line directs our attention to an article by Heather MacDonald on the media's myopic focus on allegations of prisoner abuse at Guantanamo and other detention facilities. As the article makes clear with several examples, the media takes the allegations of prisoner abuse out of all proportion and misses the whole point of the detention facilities.

The following exchange between Saar [American interrogator who wrote on alleged abuse at Guantanamo] and detainee Mustapha, with whom Saar had been conducting long heartfelt conversations about religion, rather calls out for attention, however. Saar, showing a reverse Stockholm syndrome, had asked the Syrian Mustapha for Mustapha’s opinion of him. Mustapha replies coolly: "You are not how I thought an American man or soldier would be. You believe in God and you love your family. In a way I respect you. But . . . you are not a Muslim. In fact, you are an enemy of the true God. If I were not in this cell I would have to kill you."
(Emphasis added.)

Many in the mainstream media want the U.S. to close our terrorist detention centers. However, as the quote above shows, actually closing the detention facilities would release detainees who feel a duty to kill Americans. This would be insane!

Read Heather MacDonald's whole article.


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