Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Republican Voters Signal Dissatisfaction with Senate Judicial Compromise

We now have the results of the first test of the reaction by Republican voters to the Senate compromise on usicial nominees. In Ohio's 2nd congressional district, Republican primary voters dropped early favorite Pat Dewine, son of Senator Mike Dewine, one of the group of 14 senators who agred to the compromise deal, to fourth place with only 12% of the vote. What caused the quick and sharp drop? "It does speak to the power of the filibuster issue among social conservatives," said Amy Walter, who studies House races for the Cook Political Report. "I think it really turned a pretty sleepy race into a very hard-fought one." (Hat tip to Confirm Them.)

After seeing this election result, if I were a Republican in the group of 14, I would be making sure the Democrat signers stick to their part of the deal to assure no more filibusters of judicial nominees. If the Democrats renege by claiming "extraordinary circumstances" justify a filibuster, I would have no qualms about changing the Senate rules to prohibit filibusters of judicial nominees. That assumes, of course, that I would want to keep my Senate seat.


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