Saturday, June 25, 2005

Trial in Jordan of Terrorists Who Planned Large WMD Attack

Gateway Pundit covers developments as the largest terrorist WMD trial in history opens in Jordan. The defendants are accused of attempting a nearly successful chemical in Amman, Jordan that would have been a huge catastrophe if it had succeeded.

The post at Gateway Pundit details the defendants' antics in the court room. The most important part of the post, however, concerns what the terrorists were working with.
So what else is astounding about this case?

The chemicals are believed to be VX nerve gas. There was 20 tons of the weapons and explosives captured coming into Jordan from Syria. Syria doesn't make VX. Saddam Hussein's Iraq did.

The defendants also had oxygen, sulfuric acid and nitroglycerin. These are highly combustible substances which the defendants had planned to use to cause explosions that would have dispersed the toxic chemicals.

The leader of the terrorist group was Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi, Al Qaida's leader in Iraq. If the attack had succeeded, thousands would have died, including the Americans at the U.S. embassy.

This trial is more important than the American media are treating it. Al Qaeda'a aim was to kill thousands of Arabs and Muslims as well as the Americans at the U.S. embassy. The evidence has shown or will show that Al Qaeda obtained large quantities (20 tons) of chemical weapons and explosives for the planned attack and the probable source of the chemical weapons was Iraq.

Draw your own conclusions, but do not rule out the possibility of direct coordination between Iraq and Al Qaeda. There is not enough known about this to be sure, but you certainly must consider the possibility.


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