Thursday, July 21, 2005

Canadian Broadcast Calls for State Control of Religion

As we know, many liberals want religious organizations to reform, in a liberal direction, of course. One Canadian broadcast expressly calls for government control of religion to accomplish the desired reform.

Just as Senate approaches the final vote on the gay 'marriage' bill, C-38, Canada's national public radio CBC Radio has aired a commentary by a retired professor from the Royal Military College calling for state control over religion, specifically Catholicism. While parliamentarians dismissed warnings by numerous religious leaders and experts that such laws would lead to religious persecution, former professor Bob Ferguson has called for "legislation to regulate the practice of religion."

"... [W]e could encourage reform by changing the environment in which all religions operate. Couldn't we insist that human rights, employment and consumer legislation apply to them as it does other organizations? Then it would be illegal to require a particular marital status as a condition of employment or to exclude women from the priesthood."

"We could also help the general cause of religious freedom by introducing a code of moral practice for religions. ... Can't religious leaders agree to adjust doctrine so all religions can operate within the code?"

"... It should be unethical for any [religion] to claim that theirs was the one true religion and believers in anything else or nothing were doomed to fire and brimstone. One might also expect prohibition of ritual circumcisions, ..., protocols for missionary work, etc."
This is truly frightening. Hopefully, this idea of forcing religious organizations to violate their religious beliefs will not spread to the American side of the border. What ever happened to tolerance of diverse points of view? It is amazing what the radical liberals will propose to accomplish some of their extreme goals.

(Hat tip to The Anchoress.)


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