Sunday, July 31, 2005

Failed Nations Present Greatest Threat to World

Belmont Club has a worthwhile post pointing out that "today's greatest threats come from the weakest states in the world". Although the future threat from China necessarily looms large from the U.S.'s view, the more urgent threat comes from states such as Afghanistan before 9/11. Weak states may easily be used as a base by Al Qaeda and similar groups, with or without the cooperation of the government.

How do we prevent weak states from becoming havens for anti-U.S. terrorist groups? Our efforts in rebuilding and securing Afghanistan and Iraq are part of the answer. As time passes, we will see how effective those efforts are. Pres. Bush's call for democracy is another strategy to strengthen national governments. A government elected and supported by the people will generally be stronger than one clinging to power with little popular support. Again, the passage of time will show us how this strategy works in weak states such as Lebanon.

Not every weak state represents a threat to U.S. security. The threats to U.S. security are the weak states where Al Qaeda or a similar organization would be welcomed or accommodated, as happened in Afghanistan. A weak state such as Bolivia, for all its problems and failed governments, will not likely become a haven for a Muslim terrorist organization. For now, the weak states with Muslim populations are the major threat.

Read the whole post at Belmont Club.


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