Friday, July 01, 2005

Minnesota Democrats Shut Down Government

Democrats, who have a majority in the Minnesota Senate, adjourned the Senate before a budget deal was reached. The surprise adjournment leaves the House and Republican Gov. Tom Pawlenty with only an up-or-down option on the indefinite continuing budget resolution passed by the Senate immediately before its adjournment. As the Dems knew before they left, the Republicans have always said they would support a continuing resolution for a short time, such as 10 days or a month. If the House and the Governor do not accept the Senate version, the action will force a government shutdown.

The effect of the unilateral and irresponsible Senate adjournment is that thousands of state workers will lose their jobs temporarily and the state will reduce the services it provides.

Gov. Pawlenty said, "I am stunned by the naked cynicism of the Democratic strategy." He called the Senate's adjournment "irresponsible and bizarre behavior". He added, "The Democrats punched out before their shift ended."

(Hat tip to Power Line.)


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