Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Political Correctness Runs Amok at NCAA

Last week, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the governing body for most college sports, decreed that teams in bowl games may not have mascots or symbols representing American Indians. Teams with Indian names (for example, Illini, Seminoles, Aztecs) will be affected. Teams with names representing people of European heritage (for example, Fighting Irish, Spartans, Trojans, Cavaliers, Orangemen) are not affected, on the theory that Fighting Irish is not offensive but Fighting Illini is. This distinction does not make common sense.

Obviously, the NCAA's decree results from a politically correct ideology, without regard to the actual opinion of American Indians, most of whom are not offended. Florida State University may sue because it obtained the permission of the Seminole tribe to use the name Seminoles for the athletic teams. The NCAA does not care about that detail because not all Seminole Indians were consulted.

The NCAA decree is absurd when you consider the different treatment of Fighting Illini and Fighting Irish, for one example.

Liberals frequently argue that conservatives are the ones who will try to force Americans to live in accord with a certain ideology. However, this NCAA decree shows that liberals are the ones who are more likely to do so.


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