Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Biden Quizzes Roberts

From Power Line, we get a flavor of the questioning of John Roberts by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The hearing proceed[ed] rather calmly and respectfully -- until Biden had his turn. ... Biden spent nearly nine of his 30 minutes of question time delivering an opening statement, then said: "Let me get right to it."
Biden ... asked Roberts directly about abortion.

"That is in an area where I think I should not respond," Roberts said.

"Why?" Biden demanded. When Roberts tried to explain himself, Biden interjected "that is not true" and, shaking his head sadly, said, "aw, judge, judge."

Specter tried to referee. "Wait a minute, Senator Biden," the chairman said. "He's not finished his answer."

"He's filibustering, senator," Biden responded.

To Roberts, Biden said: "Go ahead. Go ahead and continue not to answer."

Biden was caustic and personal. ...

Roberts got his revenge when Biden quizzed him about gender discrimination. Biden cut the judge off repeatedly, saying "my time's running out."

While Biden fired off a series of questions without allowing Roberts to answer, the nominee finally replied: "Well, I was about to lay it out. You said you didn't want to hear about it." The room filled with laughter. Biden did not smile.


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