Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Response Blame Game

It didn't take long after hurricane Katrina went through the Gulf Coast region. The blame game is being played in earnest. All the relevant facts have not yet been broadcast. As we consider who should have done better, we need to consider the following:

- Who in government is responsible for the levees on Lake Pontchartrain?

- Who designed the levees?

- Who constructed the levees?

- Who determines whether to order an evacuation?

- Who is responsible for security in New Orleans, especially the Superdome and the convention center?

- Who is responsible for storing emergency and relief supplies in nearby areas?

- When did the governor authorize the president to intervene?

- How well did communications work in the New Orleans area?

- How well did the different agencies coordinate their activities?

- Why (other than flooding) has the response in Mississipi been better than in Louisiana?

We have the answers to some of these questions, but not all. Beware of the people who are quick to blame Pres. Bush for everything, even things that are the responsibility of state and local government and that could have been addressed in previous administrations. The answers do not matter to the attack dogs who hate Bush and want to blame him for anything and everything without regard to the facts or the truth.


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