Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Suicide Bombers Strike in Jordan

Today in Amman, the capital of Jordan, suicide bombers successfully attacked 3 hotels. The current death toll is 57, and it may rise. The attacks were coordinated and appear to be the work of Al Qaeda.

The targeted hotel are American brands, Radisson, Hyatt, and Days Inn. The hotels are popular with Westerners, Israelis, and the Jordanian elite.

A wedding was being held at one of the hotels. Given the normal clientele of the hotel and the general poverty of the general population, the wedding was probably attended by upper-crust Jordanians. Rumors are spreading that prominent members of Jordan's government are missing.

Jordan is a virtual police state, and yet Al Qaeda succeeded. That should be a warning to us in America. Once the suicide bombers are in the country, they are difficult to stop. Therefore, preventing them from crossing the border is extraordinarily important.

The attacks in Jordan are another battle in the War on Terror. The war continues whether we want it to or not. Doing what it takes to protect Americans in the U.S. is imperative. Keep that in mind when Congress next debates what powers the FBI should have. Maintaining the will to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewhere is and will remain essential. The war was not of our choosing, and Al Qaeda will pursue us whether we pursue them or not.


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