Thursday, November 10, 2005

Who Is Lying About Iraq

"Who Is Lying About Iraq" (hat tip to Power Line) is the title of an article by Norman Podhoretz in the December 2005 issue of Commentary magazine. In the article, Podhoretz notes that former Pres. Clinton, many of his foreign policy advisors, and many Democratic leaders in Congress have made statements agreeing with Pres. Bush about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction and about the threat presented by Iraq. Podhoretz concludes that Joseph Wilson is the one who lied about Iraq and also concludes as follows:

And so long as we are hunting for liars in this area, let me suggest that we begin with the Democrats now proclaiming that they were duped, and that we then broaden out to all those who in their desperation to delegitimize the larger policy being tested in Iraq'the policy of making the Middle East safe for America by making it safe for democracy have consistently used distortion, misrepresentation, and selective perception to vilify as immoral a bold and noble enterprise and to brand as an ignominious defeat what is proving itself more and more every day to be a victory of American arms and a vindication of American ideals.


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