Saturday, December 17, 2005

House Democrats Oppose Victory in Iraq

The House of Representatives voted for a resolution that calls Thursday's election in Iraq a "crucial victory", which would not have occurred without the presence of American troops, and calls timetables for withdrawal "fundamentally inconsistent with achieving victory in Iraq." The resolution passed 279-109. No Republicans opposed the resolution. Among the Democrats, 59 voted in favor, 108 against, and 32 present. One independent voted against the resolution.

According to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.), the resolution is "divisive" and is intended "to denounce those who disagree". Apparently, as Power Line points out, "letting the voters know which representatives hold which opinion is "divisive".

Democrats proposed an alternative resolution, which did not offer any position on withdrawal. Per Power Line again, "Perhaps the most significant difference between the two resolutions, though, was that the Republican resolution mentioned 'victory' seven times, the Democrat one not at all." Democrats do not want voters to know, but most Democrats in the House are not willing to commit to victory in Iraq. That is, Democrats favor withdrawal without victory and do not care about the adverse consequences. Can this nation afford to put its military in the hands of Democrats?


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