Thursday, December 01, 2005

Muslim Terrorists in Balkans

The Washington Post reports::
... Bosnia and other parts of the Balkans are becoming a launching pad for terrorist attacks in Europe.

In particular, Islamic radicals are looking to create cells of so-called white al Qaeda, non-Arab members who can evade racial profiling used by police forces to watch for potential terrorists. ...

Parts of the Balkans, stuck in lawless limbo after years of war in the 1990s, are ripe recruitment territory for Middle East radicals, intelligence officials say.
How is the recruitment and training of terrorists in the Balkans different from the alleged recruitment and training of terrorists in Iraq, other than which president put the U.S. military there (Clinton in the Balkans and Bush in Iraq)? I wonder if those who point fingers at Bush and Iraq will also point fingers at Clinton and the Balkans.

(Hat tip to Captain's Quarters)


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