Friday, December 09, 2005

Troops Massacre Citizens in Southern China

Geopolitical Review reports that Riot police opened fire on protesting villagers in Dongzhou in Guangdong province in southern China. Estimates of the number of deaths range from 2 to 20, but some sources have heard that the dead exceed 100.

According to a Corpus Christi television station:

International rights groups say police opened fire on a crowd of thousands of people in the town in southern China. They were unhappy over having their land confiscated for a power plant.

Government-controlled media have made no mention of the incident and authorities in the area have refused to talk about it.

A villager reached by phone says the place is surrounded by riot police. She says people in other villages have been ordered not to sell them anything.

CNN, which admitted that it did not report bad news in Saddam's Iraq, has not reported on the event in China. No word yet on the reaction from the International Olympic Committee, which awarded the 2008 summer games to China's capital, Beijing.


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