Saturday, January 28, 2006

End Financial Support to Palestine

Since Palestine became a semi-state after the Oslo accords of 1993, it has been on financial life support supplied by Europe and the U.S. In addition, the U.N. has provided assistance to Palestinian refugees since the late 1940s, and many nongovernmental organizations provide humanitarian services. Israel also provides financial support simply by maintaining financial ties, as Israel is the major trading partner of Palestine and many Palestinians work in Israel. Without all this foreign financial support, Palestine can not continue to provide its meager level of governmental services.

Palestine's election of a Hamas majority in its parliament effectively ends the peace process with Israel. Hamas was first and is still foremost a terrorist organization. It became a political party to carry out its terrorist agenda and is unlikely to change its goals and methods as a result of its new governing responsibilities. Instead, Hamas is more likely to use its newfound power and authority to enhance its terrorist activities, with the popular support of the Palestinians.

To continue financial support of Palestine in this environment is to fund murder and destruction. The concern that cutting off funds will lead to a collapse of the government and ensuing chaos is overblown. Hams has friends in the Muslim world, especially in Iran. Iran is flush with cash from oil sales at today's high price and is unlikely to allow Hamas to fail. Syria may also be willing to aid Hamas, and the richer Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E.) may also give financial support to the Palestinians to avoid chaos and its spillover effects on them. It is better for the U.S. and the West if the Muslim world, rather than Europe and the U.S., must use up its resources to support the radicals who intend to destroy Israel.

Funding a government of Palestine controlled Hamas is giving terrorists money to conduct terrorism, including the murder of Israeli civilians. I do not want the blood of innocent Jews on my hands. Do you?

UPDATE: For another view, read the post at The Belmont Club.


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