Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Reid in Trouble?

I watched the interview of Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, on Fox's Sunday morning news show this past weekend. Dean tried to say that Democrats received no money from Abramoff. This would not work after Chris Wallace, the Fox interviewer, noted that there was evidence that Abramoff directed his Indian tribe clients to contribute money to Democrats. Dean retreated to say that no Democrat did anything in return. When pressed, Dean said that any Democrat who did any Democrat who did anything in return for a contribution from one of Abramoff's Indian tribe clients would be "in trouble".

After the interview, Wallace pointed out the already public information that, after receiving political contributions from one of Abramoff's Indian tribe clients, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wrote a letter urging approval of the tribe's casino application. These facts do not mean that Reid agreed to write the letter in exchange for the campaign contribution, which would be a criminal act, but it does appear that Reid only wrote the letter because he had received the Indian tribe's money.

Given Reid's action and Dean's declaration that a Democrat would be in trouble for doing anything in return for campaign cash from a client of Abramoff's, Reid will no doubt be in trouble, and the mainstream media (MSM) will follow up on this story and will hound Reid and the Democrats until the Dems penalize Reid. Oh, forgive me; I must be imagining that we live in a fair world in which Democrats and Republicans are treated alike. Of course, in or real world, Reid will not be in any kind of trouble, the MSM will not ask Dean whether Reid should suffer consequences, the MSM will not ask Reid to step down from his post as leader of the Senate Democrats, and the MSM will not demand that the Senate Democrats remove Reid from his position.

The double standard persists. Bias in the MSM is real.


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