Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where is the Media's Outrage?

Betsy's Page reminds us about the one special prosecutor's report that has never been made public. The special prosecutor, David Barrett, was assigned to investigate whether Henry Cisneros, a member of Clinton's cabinet, had misappropriated funds to pay off his mistress. What else did Barrett find in his investigation?

When Barrett pulled on that thread, he reportedly unraveled a cloak hiding abuses of the Justice Department and the IRS. If recent teases about what's in his 400-page report are true, the previous administration was siccing agents on its political opponents.

At the time, various Clinton critics, from the Heritage Foundation to The American Spectator magazine, found themselves under suspicious IRS audits. Was there a deliberate pattern? It's possible the Barrett report can tell us.

Alas, Barrett's work could be the first special prosecutor's report never to see daylight. Clinton operatives have taken advantage of a legal provision letting them blot out anything they feel damages their privacy. And Senate Democrats, with the unwitting cooperation of Senate Republicans, slipped into an appropriations bill a provision that would deep-six the report.

This cover-up has seen little coverage in the mainstream media (MSM). Where's the MSM's outrage over the cover-up of a scandal involving a president (Bill Clinton) and a leading presidential contender fro 2008 (Hillary Clinton)?

The MSM pursued the alleged October surprise from 1980 until 1993. The October surprise allegedly was a secret meeting in October 1980 between George Bush, who was then running for Vice President on the Republican ticket, and representatives of Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis. The MSM did not stop pursuing the story until Bush's political career ended with his loss to Bill Clinton in 1992. A committee of Congress, controlled by Democrats, then finally declared that no evidence ever existed to support the alleged October surprise.

The MSM pursued the circumstances surrounding George Bush's enlistment in the Texas Air National Guard beginning in 1994, when now Pres. George W. Bush ran for governor of Texas. CBS vigorously pursued the story from 1999 to 2004, resulting in the infamous 60 Minutes segment using forged documents.

The MSM has doggedly pursued non-existent scandals involving Republicans. The MSM pursued the Watergate story and the cover-up until a Republican president (Nixon) was driven from office. Where are the MSM on a scandal and a cover-up involving a Democratic president and a Democratic contender for president? Where is the outrage?


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