Friday, February 17, 2006

Able Danger Hearings

Irish Pennants covered the public portion of the Able Danger hearings on Wednesday. His thoughts parallel mine.

The Irish Pennants post makes the point that "there seems to be a bipartisan interest in keeping the truth about ABLE DANGER from the American people.". The Democrats' interest in covering up the Able Danger story is obvious. If the Able Danger program did in fact discover Mohammed Atta and his connection to a Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda in 2000, the Clinton administration would have some explaining to do.

However, as Irish Pennants writes, "It isn't clear why the Bush administration is covering up the suppression of ABLE DANGER data, because it occurred on President Clinton's watch." My own speculations are (1) someone (for example, Rumsfeld) will be embarrassed by the revelations, (2) there is no truth to the allegations being made, and (3) the Bush administration is trying to keep secret an ongoing national security program (similar to the NSA wiretapping program). Only the last speculation would justify the cover-up and intimidation of witnesses. However, the last speculation does not seem to be supported by the facts that have been made public so far.

"Most newspapers, including the one I work for, didn't run anything on the hearing." The near silence of the mainstream media confirms their bias in protecting the Clinton administration.

Stay tuned to this story. It is not yet clear whether there is substance to the allegations or why there is a cover-up. I would like to know, and so should you.


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