Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sheehan Attempts Protest at State of the Union Speech

Cindy Sheehan, the antiwar activist whose son died in Iraq and who famously protested last summer near Pres. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, received tickets to last night's State of the Union speech. She was given the tickets by Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Cal.). At that time, Sheehan was wearing her T-shirt bearing the message, "2245 Dead. How many more?".

When she went through security and entered the gallery, Sheehan wore a jacket over her T-shirt. After she sat down, she removed her jacket revealing her T-shirt and its antiwar message, which she intended to be prominently displayed when the cameras inevitably pictured her during the speech. (It was also reported, but not yet reliably confirmed, that she had a banner hidden inside her jacket.) It is against the law to protest in any way in the Capitol (specifically, "display in the Grounds a flag, banner, or device designed or adapted to bring into public notice a party, organization, or movement"). Therefore, an officer immediately escorted her out and arrested her.

By the way, Sheehan was not the only one who wore a T-shirt with a political message:

Beverly Young, wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young (news, bio, voting record) of Florida — chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee — was removed from the gallery because she was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Support the Troops — Defending Our Freedom."

This incident shows that, contrary to what Sheehansupportersers may believe, she was not singled out.

Rep. Woolsey should be ashamed. It is irresponsible to give tickets to a professional anti-war protester who has publicly stated that Bush is a 10 times worse terrorist than Osama Bin Laden. It appears that Woolsey intended to have Sheehan disrupt the President's speech. Woolsey also is thought perhaps to be one of the congressmen who last year gave tickets to demonstrators at Pres. Bush's inaugural speech.

The House of Representatives should revoke the ticket privileges of a member who abuses the privilege by giving event tickets to people who intend to protest and disrupt the event. That seems to fit Rep. Woolsey in this case. At the least, Woolsey should show more respect to the institutions of Congress and the office of President and should be more careful in distributing tickets.

Sheehan has become a disgrace. She does not have to agree with Pres. Bush. She does have an obligation to the rest of us, however, to allow us to hear the State of the Union speech without disruption.


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How dare you filthy conservatives degrade a woman who lost her some in Bush's unjust and illegal war!

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