Sunday, April 23, 2006

Far Left Journalist Defends Leak of Classified Information

On this morning's broadcast of Fox News Sunday, the panel of journalists discussed the firing of CIA employee Mary McCarthy for leaking classified information. One of the journalists was Juan Cole of National Public Radio. Cole, a member of the Fringe Left, made the remarkable and indefensible statement that it was OK for McCarthy to leak classified information to the media.

Never mind that the disclosure of classified information is a crime. Never mind that McCarthy had signed an agreement not to disclose the information she learned in her job. All that mattered to Cole was what McCarthy's own conscience said to do.

McCarthy herself knew that leaking classified information was wrong. She leaked the classified information surreptitiously, not openly. She tried to avoid detection.

MCarthy was not a whistleblower. If she thought the policy was wrong, she could have made her argument inside the CIA and the administration. If she thought the U.S. was acting unlawfully or wrongly, she could have complained in accordance with the federal Whistleblower Act. Instead, she leaked the classified information to a reporter.

Cole also equated McCarthy's leak with Pres. Bush's authorization to declassify and to release parts of the National Intelligence Estimate involving Iraq' pre-war efforts to obtain uranium. Cole confuses lawful and unlawful, elected officials and regular employees, official decisions and personal decisions, and legally authorized official acts and unlawful unauthorized private acts.

Cole's conclusion leads eventually to lawlessness and anarchy. The U.S. is supposed to be a nation of laws, not of men, but Cole believes that a person's conscience permits lawbreaking.

Cole's defense of McCarthy's illegal leaking of classified information shows the far Left's willingness to justify anything that they think harms the Bush administration.


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