Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whose Culture of Corruption?

In this election year, the Democrats are trying to establish a campaign issue of a Republican culture of corruption. Unfortunately, Democrats seem equally corrupt. The latest example is Rep. Alan Mollohan(D-W. Va.), the top Democrat on the House ethics committee. You would think the Democrats on the ethics committee, of all places, would be above reproach. You would be wrong.

Rep. Mollohan directed millions in federal government spending to nonprofit groups in his district. The top people at many of the groups contributed to Mollohan's campaigns. Mollohan's net worth appears to have increased significantly during this period. As a result of the allegations of financial misconduct, Mollohan is stepping down temporarily from the House ethics panel.

Mollohan was the top ethics man for House Democrats. His financial misconduct will receive little or no attention in the mainstream media. Whenever the Democrats accuse the Republicans of a culture of corruption, remember the financial misconduct of Mollohan, the top Democrat on the House ethics committee.


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