Monday, May 01, 2006

AP Slants Death Toll in Iraq

From Gateway Pundit, we learn about an Associated Press (AP) story on Iraq. In the second paragraph, the AP writes:

The death toll in two days of fighting around Baqouba climbed to 58 (emphasis mine), including seven Iraqi soldiers, Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Awad said."

It sounds as though 58 good guys and innocents were killed, doesn't it? However, we learn differently in the 15th paragraph:

"Clashes and raids continued through the night, Iraqi officials said. In addition to the seven Iraqi soldiers, Ahmed said 49 insurgents were killed and 74 others were arrested (emphasis mine). U.S. officials said two civilians were killed and the wounded included 10 Iraqi soldiers, four policemen and four civilians."

In other words, the total death toll of 58 was composed of 7 Iraqi soldiers, 2 civilians, and 49 enemy soldiers. That is a good result, but the AP emphasizes the total, without giving equal prominence to the breakdown, to make the result look bad.

And the mainstream media wonder why the public does not trust them.


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