Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moussaoui Gets Life

The jury gave Moussaoui a sentence of life without parole. The alternative was the death penalty.

As Moussaoui left, he said, "America, you lost. Novak, you lost. I won." At least Moussaoui knew that the trial was a contest between his side and ours, even if the jurors did not.

According to reporters, some jurors looked downcast and shook their heads as if they did not agree with the sentence. This seems a credible interpretation and may explain why the jury took so long to agree on a sentence. It will be very interesting to hear the stories of the jurors.

I will take a guess that Al Qaeda's leaders are having a chuckle at the expense of the naive jurors. Moussaoui's life sentence confirms Al Qaeda'a belief that America is soft.


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