Monday, May 15, 2006

State of Washington Removes Dead and Duplicate Voters from Rolls

The close 2004 election for governor of Washington revealed problems with registration and voting. From the Seattle Times (via Betsy's Page):

The Secretary of State's Office has deleted about 55,000 registrations from Washington's voter rolls after finding duplicate records and dead voters with the aid of a new statewide database.

The database, put in place earlier this year, allowed the state to find 19,579 dead people still on the rolls and 35,445 duplicate voter records.

Sound Politics points out in 2 posts that problems remain. King County, where Seattle is located, still can not reconcile its mail-in ballots for the 2004 election.

Probably every state has dead people and duplicate voters on its rolls. I encourage every state to create a database of appropriate records (deaths, all voter registrations, etc.) and to use the database to eliminate dead people and duplicate voters on the voter rolls. It would be better to do this before a close election calls into question the integrity of the voter rolls rather than after as Washington has done.


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