Monday, May 22, 2006

Two Real-Life Illustrations Regarding Immigration

Let me give you two illustrations of immigration.

The first illustration: My wife went to a garden store this past weekend. She asked about "grass", a common lawn-and-garden request. The clerk did not understand her. Several employees were working, but only one spoke English, and he spoke with a thick accent. My wife told him what she wanted, and he translated her requests for the other workers. The store is at a freeway location surrounded by typical neighborhoods. My wife concluded, correctly I think, that all the workers were illegal immigrants.

The second illustration: My wife and I were walking through a local park this past weekend. As we walked along a path, a Hispanic family approached from the opposite direction. As we passed, the parents were speaking to each other in Spanish, but the children were speaking to each other in unaccented English.

The first illustration shows the bad side of immigration, the illegal side with fraudulently obtained employment and with no apparent assimilation. The second illustration shows the good side of immigration, an intact and happy family unit with the children assimilating into the broader American society.

The picture of immigration is not a consistent one. Draw your own conclusions.


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