Monday, June 12, 2006

Texas Democrats Oppose Voter Choice

After winning a March primary, Tom Delay has resigned from Congress and has notified the Texas Republican Party that he will be a resident of Virginia and therefore ineligible to run for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas. Last week, the Texas Democratic Party filed suit in Travis County, Texas to prevent the Texas Republican Party from naming a replacement candidate. If successful, the effect will be to deny the voters of Delay's district a choice in the November general election. Apparently, the Democrats do not believe in giving voters a choice.

You may remember that New Jersey Democrats replaced Sen. Toricelli as their U.S. Senate candidate about a month before the general election. Toricelli resigned his candidacy when polls showed he would lose because of the allegations of criminal conduct hanging over his head. However, the date set by New Jersey law to replace him on the general election ballot had passed. This did not prevent the Democrat-controlled New Jersey courts from allowing the Democrats to replace their tainted candidate and to force the state of New Jersey to pay the expenses of changing the ballots. The law in New Jersey was very clear, but the courts ignored the requirements of the state statute anyway. At least the voters of New Jersey had a choice on election day.

Texas Democrats oppose giving voters a choice. Rather than allowing the voters to choose between a Democrat and a Republican, Texas Democrats resort to the courts to deny the voters a choice. Remember that.


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