Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zarqawi Information Found and Used

Iraq's National Security Advisor confirmed that the military forces found important documents in the debris after the deadly air strike on Zarqawi's final safe house. The military found "a laptop, flashdrive and other documents". Among the items found was a thumb-nail drive, which was in Zarqawi's pocket. The National Security Advisor cited the thumb-nail drive as proof that the information found was authentic.

In follow-up raids, more information was discovered. The military has made nearly 500 raids since Zarqawi's death. The forces killed 104 and captured 759 in those raids.

Al Qaeda has suffered a blow. How severe a blow is not yet clear. Al Qaeda will spend some time and effort recovering from the death of Zarqawi and its losses in the follow-up raids. In the last few days, the number of attacks is way down. Do not expect that to continue. The road to complete victory may be shorter than it was a few days ago, but the road is still long and difficult. Al Qaeda and the Baathist remnants can not win unless the U.S. cuts and runs before Iraq is ready to defend itself.


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