Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi's Last Deeds

Zarqawi, the recently deceased leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, was busy in his final days. Less than 10 miles from where Zarqawi met his end, Iraqi police found 9 cut-off human heads, some still blindfolded. Another 8 were found a few days earlier in another town in the area. The U.S. military had noticed a jump in the number of beheadings in the past few weeks. Beheadings, of course, were a Zarqawi specialty.

Beheadings are Zarqawi's legacy. Despite his barbaric cruelty, Hamas, the governing party in Palestine, declared Zarqawi a martyr of the Arab nation. The Iraqi daily newspaper Al-Rafidain responded by telling Hamas and Zarqawi to go to hell. The Iraqis, having seen Zarqawi's deeds up close, know where he belongs. If Dante could add another chapter today to his Divine Comedy, Zarqawi would be occupying a special place in Hell where 72 beheaded demons take turns repeatedly sawing off Zarqawi's head for the rest of eternity.


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